My teen has a love of  all things t-shirt related. She has managed to find some nifty ones at the local thrift store.

I’ll post pictures of them from time to time.



Finally got my hands on some crackle nail polish thanks to a fun trip to Sally’s with my mom and sis. They were still running low, but did have two colors for me to try: China Glaze “crushed candy” and “lightening bolt”.

Today I am wearing the “crushed candy” over Finger Paints “Model Colour.” Not bad for a first try.




I like this one!  Turned out very colorful and fun.

Getting geared up for the warmer weather and it’s time to break out my bright manis again.

Used Finger Paints “Model Colour” and Nina Pro’s “Bossanova”.  Very bright but a lot of fun to wear.

Last October the girls and I spent an awesome day with our friends at the Nelson Atkins Art Gallery.

So many pretty things to see. Above you can see some the of pictures our budding photographer snapped that day. Not bad at all!

Updating the Blog

You’ve probably noticed the blog looks a bit different and I am adding more commentary now. That’s because I’ve finally gotten a new laptop! All previous posts were done solely on my android smart phone. Which is why I named this a “mobile” nail blog.

Now that I am laptoping it again, I will add posts more regularly and focus on other things as well as nail art. One new category will be my thrift store finds. The girls and I love to go thrift store shopping and I will blog about that as well.

I also have a budding photographer in the house and I’ll post her pictures from time to time.

Hope you enjoy the changes as we go along.

This turned out quite well on the left hand and so-so on the right hand. I love the colors of it. Reminded me of my new thrift store find! My new purse is quite colorful and fun and I had to add it in the pictures as well.